A revenue model to charge consumers based on ampere-hour expended while driving an Electric Vehicle

Inventors: Raj Chowdhury

Unification Energy Company (UEC) will create value for owners of electric vehicles by lowering the ownership cost of the vehicle, by providing next generation refueling infrastructure and by generating the energy that power up their cars from the sun to help the people of the planet breathe fresh air.The next generation refueling infrastructure consists of Battery Replacement Units (BRU) and Charge Replenishment Units (CRU) which UEC consumers have access to. This  novel revenue model pertains to a unique way Unification Energy Company customers are charged for the services offered. UEC  uses an electronic chip which samples current expended by the customer every sub-seconds while driving his EV and mathematically integrates it over time to arrive at the total ampere-hour expended by the customer. Every time a customer replaces a battery pack or a module or the entire battery system or any other storage device being used in his EV at a Battery Replacement Unit (BRU), the last value of total ampere-hour expended by his storage device he was using until replacement, is stored in memory of the chip. As soon as he replaces his storage device with another storage device and start to drive the ampere-hour expended by this current storage device is recorded and added to the value of the total amp-hour expended by his previous storage device. In this way every time he replaces his storage device at a BRU, UEC records the total ampere-hour he expended in all his drives before replacement for each billing cycle. The customer gets charged for the total ampere-hour he expends in each billing cycle without regards to the device he used to expend that total ampere-hour.
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