Acquired Companies

Power Enhancing Devices

Designed Piezoelectric NEMS applications to harness environmental energy for portable electronic devices.


Online Auction site offering lowest unique bid auctions on brand new products

Locus International

Established and led a team to create mapping data for Global Positioning Systems.

Unification Energy

Unification Energy facilitates the penetration of Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles through its refuelling infrastructure of Charge Replenishment Unit (CRU) or charging stations. Our Charging infrastructure network is free for All-Electric Vehicle / Plug-in-Hybrid (EV/ PHEV) owners.


PayTrump is a payment provider for online businesses. We help Internet businesses in accepting online payment by minimizing charge back risk and by offering next day payout cycles at the most competitive rates.By delivering a vast variety of payment methods and currencies, PayTrump expands your reach to more customers in select markets.


Shop-a-block is a shopping website designed to provide online shoppers with a unique personalised shopping experience. Besides having access to a wide variety of brands and stores to shop from at great prices; a Shop-a-block user discovers clothing brands that fits them best.