Inventors: Sagar Chandra, Raj Chowdhury

ABSTRACT The size of the battery pack and their arrangement decides the amount of total power and the voltage they can deliver to run a vehicle. These battery pack can vary in size based on the required capacity and can become very heavy. Handling of these battery packs, moving them around, accessing the vehicle to replace them are all part of the design challenges for the operation of a successful battery replacement unit.

This invention is a complete end to end solution from when the vehicle enters the Battery Replacement Unit with a used (discharged completely or partially) battery pack and leaves with a charged battery pack based on the requirement of the driver. The communication with the driver is established at the user interface and business transaction is implemented. Along with the design aspects of the system, the invention gives a detailed operational sequence for the battery replacement unit.

Figure 1 shows the Battery Pack Cart, note different sizes for different battery packs.


Figure 2 shows the movement of battery packs from the truck to the storage racks.


Figure 3 shows the vehicle guidance system at the exchange station


Figure 4 shows the vehicle access to reach the battery pack from underneath.