Unification Energy facilitates the penetration of Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles through its refuelling infrastructure of Charge Replenishment Unit (CRU) or charging stations. Our Charging infrastructure network is free for All-Electric Vehicle / Plug-in-Hybrid (EV/ PHEV) owners. UEC is able to achieve this by partnering with businesses and providing value added services to these partner businesses and transferring the return from such services to EV/ PHEV owners.

About UEC

Unification Energy Company creates value for owners of electric vehicles by providing refuelling infrastructure of Charge Replenishment Units (CRU) and by generating the energy to power cars using photovoltaic installed at consumer homes and businesses. The management team consists of scientists, engineers and business people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The Problem

The forecasts are grim and time is running out. The global cost of climate change could go up to 9 trillion USD every year (world GDP is about 61 trillion USD) and there is only a small window of 10 to 15 years to act. The reality has surpassed the worst scientific predictions of climate change. In addition to that most of the environmental damage is caused also at the cost of consumption of fast depleting petroleum reserves. With growing demand of petroleum and depleting reserves, the near future of the equilibrium of demand and supply of oil would come at a very high price to the consumer. Fortunately in the automobile industry a consensus has risen. Most of the automakers agree that the cars of the future will run on electricity. However for Electric cars to be convenient consumers need recharging infrastructure. Feedback from the automotive industry and consumers suggest that the most important need for the EV industry today is refuelling infrastructure.

The Business Model

UEC’s business model can be divided into three primary segments.

Charge Replenishment Unit (CRU)
UEC develops, designs, manufactures and installations advanced charging station infrastructure and software network for consumer residences, offices, city parking spots and business locations. At consumer residences and offices UEC generates revenue by direct charging station equipment and installation sales to consumers and employers. In city owned public parking spots UEC builds free charging infrastructure and charges the city for services on a usage basis. For the business locations, UEC builds free infrastructure, pays for the electricity cost and provides value added promotional services to partner business. In return the business pays UEC a percentage of the profit generated from these customers which helps UEC keep the infrastructure free for EV/PHEV owners.

Solar Installation
UEC installs solar panels free of cost at consumer residences and at business locations. These consumers and businesses buy power from UEC at rates lower than utility providers with 20 years Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

Green Products Interactive Website
UEC website projects its core ideology of promoting green world culture and reward customers for adopting products and services provided by its green business partners. It is designed to be a one stop solution to provide guidance to lead a green life with information about green products and choices. It also consists of a carbon foot print calculator with which the user could calculate their environmental impact based on their life style and product choices. The website also creates an interactive environment for all the electric vehicle owners who utilize UEC’s CRU network to get real time data and status information on CRUs. UEC’s website revenue stream is through click and purchases of partner business’s products displayed in the banner and text based ads on the website and through roll over ads on CRU maps.

Management Team
CEO: Raj Chowdhury, MS (Tufts University)
CTO: Sagar Chandra, MS (UT Austin)
COO: Sumit Patankar, MS (Kansas State University)
Chief Technologist: Haris Doumanidis, PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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