d0384a9c1a3bf983c9b27fa8470c7c5fChowdhury is currently investing in Fintech companies focused in the area of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and innovative payment solutions. His current portfolio of startups are working on creating Blockchain Technology solutions for financial institutions and supply chain companies, bitcoins marketplaces and payment processors and cryptocurrency wallets

In 2010, Raj co-founded Shop-a-Block, a lifestyle website designed to provide attire shoppers with a personalized shopping experience. The founders set out on a journey to seek solutions for two major hurdles shoppers’ confront- fit and social assurance. That was how features such as ‘Check your Best Fit’ brand and ‘Share your Avatar’ on social networks were conceived. Today, Shop-a-Block has over 8000 merchants and 9 million products on display

Raj co-founder Power Enhancing Devices, which designed Piezoelectric NEMS applications to harness environmental energy for portable electronic devices. Physik Instrumente, a German Piezoelectric device manufacturer, acquired the company in 2006.

He co-founded Locus International in 2002 to generate mapping data of India cities to be used for GPS navigation.

Once a research associate at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Lab, he went to Tufts University, Santa Clara Universityand the Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy for MS, MBA and other certifications.

Raj is a long time member of Asha Silicon Valley chapter, a non-profit committed to the spread of education for children in emerging countries.

He authored the book ‘The Dark Secret of the Silicon Valley’, in which he shares personal stories of his experience working alongside the Godfathers’ of the Valley, the billionaires who help keep the place in a few hands.

In his spare time he enjoys, biking around city lakes, yoga, golfing and traveling internationally.